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Weekend Nudity Recap

-Sorry for the brevity, but there are other issues I am dealing with right now.

- Caitlin Fitzgerald, Lizzy Caplan and Betsy Brandt (Breaking Bad) all had topless scenes on last night's season finale of Masters of Sex (01E12).  Caitlin Fitzgerald showed breasts while undressing for a bath and then later during a sex scene. Caplan showed breasts during a sex scene with Michael Sheen. Brandt showed her right breast in a bathroom doorway while changing clothes.

-On Outlander (S01E8), Caitriona Balfe shows breasts during an outdoor sex scene and breasts and ass in a unpleasant scene in which she is assaulted.

-On Boardwalk Empire (S05E04), Jessy Smith plays a burlesque dancer whose right pastie falls off, revealing her breast.

-On The Knack (S01E07), Rachel Korine briefly shows breasts from a distance as she is taken from behind.






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Transparent (Season 1 Nudity Review)

The complete first season on Transparent finally showed up on Amazon Instant Video. Here is a review of the nude scenes from the remaining episodes. Credit to Distracted32.

A report on the full season of Transparent after episode 1. A bit disappointing, considering the pilot. Especially in that there were 3 sex scenes with women wearing bras (Carrie Brownstein, Deborah S. Craig, and Kathryn Hahn). Kathryn Hahn was probably the biggest surprise in that regard, given her nudity history the last few years. Alison Sudol didn't stick around for more than 2 or 3 episodes. That said, I have some hope for the future if gets picked up for a second season.

Summary: Nudity from Gaby Hoffmann, Amy Landecker, and Brett Paesel

Episode 2: Gaby Hoffmann brief breasts and butt having sex, Amy Landecker possibly brief breast having sex with Melora Hardin (dark scene)
Episode 3: No nudity, but Gaby Hoffmann talking about how she enjoys being spit roasted
Episode 4: Brett Paesel one breast having sex (she was also nude in the pilot but I don't think ever identified), Gaby Hoffmann one brief breast in the bath
Episode 5: Amy Landecker one breast having sex with Melora Hardin whose nipples are visible through her shirt, the Deborah S. Craig non-nude sex scene
Episode 6: No nudity that I saw despite there being a warning at the beginning
Episode 7: Gaby Hoffmann going on an interesting adventure with a trans man where she shows a lot of cleavage, shows her bush, and briefly her breasts
Episode 9: The Kathryn Hahn non-nude sex scene


UPDATE: According to, Transparent (along with The After) has apparently been ordered to series by Amazon. There is no official confirmation from Amazon yet, though. In fact, of the five pilots, only The Rebels was not picked up.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has 5 series pilots available for free streaming in the U.S and are giving their website members a chance to decide which shows of the five will become series. Two of the pilots have female nudity. The first one, The After, had some brief nudity from Arielle Kebbel. The second one, Transparent, has even more nudity. The below scene description is not mine, but of note is Gaby Hoffmann going completely naked again, and singer-songwriter Alison Sudol (better known as A Fine Frenzy) showing breasts at the beginning of the episode.

1:15 -- Alison Sudol is lying in bed when her boyfriend pulls down the sheet, revealing her bare breasts
17:50 -- The lower half of Amy Landecker's ass peeks out from under her shirt a couple times as she gets ready in the morning
20:10 -- Alison Sudol shows brief, partial ass getting out of bed and putting on shorts
22:50 -- Boobs, bush, and butt from Gaby Hoffmann as she undresses and looks at herself in a full length mirror

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Good People (Kate Hudson-Ass)

Kate Hudson shows her butt in the film "Good People", which premiered on VOD and limited theatrical release date on September 26. Her butt is first faintly visible from behind a curtain as she is showering. There is clear butt shot afterwards as she is holding a towel in front of her and turns around to talk to James Franco.



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UPDATE: White Bird in a Blizzard (Shailene Woodley-Breasts)

UPDATE: White Bird in A Blizzard premiered on VOD September 25. 720p clips have shown up. Shailene Woodley first shows her left breast for a second as she takes her towel off while standing in front of a mirror. She covers up again when she notices Eva Green is in the room.  She also shows breasts during a sex scene with Shiloh Fernandez. Her right breast is shown while stripping off her clothes. There is then a very clear, close-up view of her right breast while she is on her back. In another scene, she reveals her breasts sitting on a couch while seducing Thomas Jane. In one final scene, there is a very brief glimpse of her right breast as Eva Green pullls the covers off of her.  White Bird in A Blizzard also comes out in theatres on October 24.


We've gotten asked bout Shailene nude in her upcoming film. She shows her breasts on three occasions.

From a user who seen an advanced screening:

I saw a screening of Bird in a White Blizzard yesterday. Shailene Woodley was magnificent. We get 3 very clear looks at her breasts (sometimes the hair gets a bit in the way but there's still a lot to look at).
Pretty good movie too.

As well as a follow up:

Just so you guys don't get TOO hyped, the scenes are short and her hair (yup, pretty long hair in this movie) is a bit in the way for 2 of the three scenes. It's still much better than what we've got so far from her.

Mr. Skin has a more thorough and descriptive breakdown of the scenes as well at White Bird in a Blizzard

The movie is released on VOD September 25 and a theatrical run on October 24.


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Deep Powder (Haley Bennett-Ass and Breasts)

Haley Bennett (Kaboom) is nude again in Deep Powder, which is currently available on ITunes. Firstly, there is a downblouse shot as she is bending over in front of Shiloh

Fernandez. She is then shown taking off the blouse and pulling her shorts down to go skinny-dipping fully exposing her butt as she runs into the water. While this is shot from

behind, her left breast is very briefly shown from the side. Afterwards, there are couple of looks at both of her breasts while she is on her back during a sex scene. While she

is partially covered by Fernandez and the lighting is a little bit dim, the nudity is quite a bit better than Kaboom, with full looks at both breasts.


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Masters of Sex S02E11 (Caitlin Fitzgerald, Lizzy Caplan-Breasts)

On last night's episode of Masters of Sex, Caitlin Fitzgerald did her first nude scene as her character Libby, had a sex scene with Robert (Jocko Sims). She is lying on her back in a dim room, but both breasts are shown a number of times.

Lizzy Kaplan is shown lying on back after Virgina has sex with Bill. She is partially covered with a sheet, but her right breast is visible. Both breasts are then briefly shown as she adjusts the seat.

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Outlander S01E07 (Caitriona Balfe-Breasts and Ass)

On Saturday night's episode of Outlander, Caitriona Balfe was topless during three scenes. In the first scene, there is a brief close-up butt shot as Jaime pulls Claire's nightgown up before having sex. In the second sex scene. Claire removes her gown, showing a brief close-up of breasts and a full butt-shot before the camera again shows her breasts. There is a another shot of her butt as he lifts her up and carries her to bed. Her breasts are then shown as she is on her back while lovemaking. There are a couple more brief views of her breasts as she lies down on top of him. There are a couple of final looks at her breasts as she lies back on the bed afterwards, with a look at her butt as she gets out of bed and puts a robe on. There is a third sex scene with a couple of looks at her breasts as he kisses down her chest.

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UPDATE: The Scribbler (Katie Cassidy-Breasts; Ashlynn Yennie-Breasts and Ass)

UPDATE: Katie Cassidy shows breasts clearly multiple times during a sex scene from various angles. In another scene, Ashlynn Yennie shows breasts and ass while meeting Cassidy at a door. She shows more T&A while they are waiting for an elevator. The camera just avoids showing any lower frontal nudity.  The Scribbler premiered in theatres yesterday and is currently available on VOD. The DVD/Bluray comes out on October 21.

UPDATE: More from Recapped:

You see Katie’s breasts from various angles. The scene is dark and blue and there is a lot of stylistic editing — slo-mo, speed up, blurring.

According to, Katie Cassidy (Arrow) and Ashlynn Yennie (The Human Centipede films) have nude scenes in The Scribbler:

"Nothing from Michelle Trachtenberg in The Scribbler but Katie Cassidy is topless during a sex scene. Also, Ashlynn Yennie is naked in just about every scene she’s in."

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Maps to the Stars (Julianne Moore-Brief Breasts and Ass, Jennifer Gibson-Breasts and Brief Ass, Sarah Gadon-Right Breast, Olivia Williams-Breasts)

Here is a listing of the nude scenes in Maps to the Stars, which premieres in the US at the New York Film Festival on September 27.

-Julianne Moore is taking part in a threesome with Jennifer Gibson. Gibson and Moore both briefly show breasts. After the man sits down in a chair and starts masturbating, Gibson turns into Sarah Gadon. After Moore gets out of bed, Gadon's right breast is shown for a few seconds. The camera then shows Gibson again, with breasts a little bit of butt from the side visible.

-Moore briefly shows her butt while jumping up after Gadon starts massaging her temples. There is another brief butt shot as she runs into the house.

-Olivia Williams shows breasts while crying in a bathtub.

720p clips are available.

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