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Movies premiering in theaters or VOD this week in the US this week containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Movie: Sabotage
Theatrical Release Date: March 28
Screens: 2,486
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Olivia Williams (Brief Right Breast, Underwater in Pool) Unidentified (Breasts Stripping; Sex Scene)
Actress Possibly Nude: Angela Kerecz (Listed as Stripper on IMDB)
Link to Red-Band Trailer (w/Brief Nudity from Stripper)
NOTE: From IMDB Parents Guide: "Two women kiss and one gropes the other's exposed breast ...Strip club scene, with topless women"

Movie: The Raid 2
Theatrical Release Date: March 28
Screens: 7
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Unidentified (Breasts)
NOTES: From IMDB Message Board: "No, just a porn film shooting in a porn production house. just some tits and dildo, maybe 5 seconds"

Movie: Dom Hemingway
Theatrical Release Date: April 2
Screens: 4
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Hayley-Marie Coppin, Claire Viville (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "(0:34) Claire Viville is showing breasts throughout this scene. ...(1:03) Breasts on Hayley Coppin viewed in just her panties as a dual hologram playing ping pong against herself."

Television episodes or movies premiering this weekend containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Television Series: Shameless (Season 4, Episode 11)
Premiere Date: March 30, 9:00 PM (Showtime)
Actress Confirmed Nude: None
NOTE: According to Showtime, there is nudity in this episode.

Movies premiering on DVD in the US this week containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Movie: Paradox Alice
DVD Release Date: April 1
Actress: Jeneta St. Clair (Breasts;Possible Body Double)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "(0:40) A guy begins transforming into a woman. Breasts grow out of him. At the end we see close-up of left breast on Jeneta St. Clair, but not her face. (0:51) Jeneta St. Clair quickly opens her shirt to expose her breasts. We do not see her face."

Movie: Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines
DVD/Bluray Release Date: April 1
Actresses Confirmed Nude: None
NOTE: ated R For strong war violence, language and some sexuality/nudity

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Movies Rated R for Nudity:

On The Other Side of the Tracks (AKA De l'autre côté du périph) --
Rated R For language, sexuality/nudity and some violence.
Theatrical Release Date: April 4
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Rebecca Azan (Breasts and Ass) Sabrina Ouazani (Ass); Marie-Clotilde Ramos-Ibanez (Ass in Thong) Uncredited Actresses (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Rebecca is taking it from behind, bountiful boobulars bouncing the whole time". ..."Sabrina's got her stupendous stack constrained in a thin bikini top, and when she walks away from the camera we get a glimpse of bare glutes"

The Players (AKA Les Infidèles) --
Rated R For strong sexual content, nudity and language.
Theatrical Release Date: April 4
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Clara Ponsot (Breasts and Ass); Dolly Golden (Brief Ass, Doggy-Style Sex Scene)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "See Clara's glorious glutes from behind and her riveting roundies reflected in the mirror." "See Clara's cans and thong-clad tush as she rolls around in bed with her man."

Wild Card
Rated R For strong violence, language and some sexuality/nudity.

Movies Rated R for Sexual Content:

Palo Alto
Theatrical Release Date: May 9
Rated R For strong sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and pervasive language - all involving teens.
Actresses Confirmed Nude: None
Other Actresses in Film: Emma Roberts, Zoe Levin
Bold Title - Online
- (720)
-- (1080/Bluray)

Upcoming Nudity-Cinema:

March 21:
-A Birder's Guide to Everything (Daniela Lavender-Brief Left Breast, Possible Body Double) (Available on VOD) --
-Cheap Thrills (Amanda Fuller-Brief Left Breast) --
-Just A Sigh (AKA Le temps de l'aventure) (Aurelia Petit-Brief Left Breast Underwater in Bathtub; Emmanuelle Devos-Breasts)
April 4:
-On The Other Side of the Tracks (AKA De l'autre côté du périph) (Rebecca Azan-Breasts and Ass; Sabrina Ouazani-Ass; Marie-Clotilde Ramos-Ibanez-Ass in Thong; Uncredited Actresses-Breasts)

Upcoming Nudity-DVD:

March 18:
-Return to Nuke'Em High: Volume 1 (Kelsey Lehman-Breasts and Ass;Catherine Corcoran-Breasts and Ass, Lesbian Scenes, Shower Scene; Asta Paredes-Breasts, Lesbian Scenes)
May 20:
-Broken Side of Time (Lynn Mancinelli-Breasts, Ass and Brief Bush; Audria Ayers-Full Frontal and Ass,Monique Demopoulos-Full Frontal)
-Stay (Taylor Schilling-Brief Left Aureola; In Bathtub)--

Upcoming Nudity: No Release Date:

-300: Rise of An Empire (Eva Green-Breasts) - (Theatrical Release Date: March 7)
-Enemy (Sarah Gadon-Breasts and Partial Ass; Fake Pregnant; Mélanie Laurent-Breasts and Ass) - (Theatrical Release Date: March 14)

Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (A to M):

-Altri tempi (Camilla Semino Favro-Breasts)
-Un Castello in Italia (AKA A Castle in Italy) (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi-Breasts)
-A Long Way Down (Imogen Poots-Brief Ass)
-Autumn Blood (Sophie Lowe-Breasts,Ass and Brief Bush, Unpleasant Scenes)

Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (N to Z):

-The Stalker (Elèna Tchepeleva-Breasts)


-19-2 (Season 1, Episode 8) (Maxim Roy-Brief Right Breast from Side, On Top During Sex Scene)
-Bitten (Season 1, Episode 11) (Kristen Pizycki-Ass, Body Double for Laura Vandervoort) -
-Cain (Season 2, Episode 1) (Anais Fabre-Breasts) --

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In the film "A Long Way Down" (which premiered this weekend in the UK), Imogen Poots (28 Weeks Later) briefly shows her ass for a few seconds while she is in a hospital gown. Here is a quote from Poots discussing this scene:

She said: "I feel like my bum right now is the best it's ever going to be and literally in a year's time it'll just be game over. I felt fine about it, I'm a European, we're always showing our bums to everyone, it's fine."

Asked if she felt nervous about the scene, she replied: "No, I wasn't really. I'm sure the crew were more embarrassed, they didn't really know where to look."

No word on when this film will show up in the US.

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UPDATE: 720p Clips are now available.

Here is a detailed review of Eva Green's topless scene. Credit to Rudedude. The scene starts at around the 55-minute mark.

Here is the good and the bad of it - there are five or six shots of Eva Green's stunning breasts! The bad part is that all of the shots are VERY short. Meaning they will make AMAZING screen-caps but flash by quite quickly in real-time.

First shot of her breasts: she is fully clothed and about to get fucked doggy-style. The guy rips off her dress revealing her tits. In this shot we have a medium shot of Eva mostly bent over looking in the camera's direction with a decent shot of her tits.

Then she is on top. CLOSE-UP of her tits! For a split nano-second only - and then his hands immediately cover them up. Then when they get off each other violently some brief back and/or side boob.

She grabs a sword and they trade insults. Medium shot, Eva looking almost straight at camera. With a sword in her right hand pointing to the side so it doesn't cover her breasts. Two short cuts away and back to - conversation reaction shots. Her lover/adversary is escorted away by guards and then we get the final shot. It lasts a bit longer (3 seconds) and is amazing. Her beautiful long hair SLIGHTLY covers some of her breasts but there she is. In a skirt, sword in hand but completely topless.

I will remember that last shot for a long time to come.

Here are a couple more reviews of Eva Green's topless scene in 300:Rise of An Empire which comes out in theaters this Friday, March 7.

Before anything else: the sex.

There is a sex scene in ‘300: Rise of an Empire‘ that is an all-timer. Put it right up there on the shelf next to ‘Don’t Look Now,’ ‘A History of Violence,’ ‘Blue is the Warmest Color,’ ’9 ½ Weeks’ and any of the others that make those best-of lists. Actually, put next to that insanity in the pool from ‘Showgirls’ (you know, with the dolphin statue?), because there’s a level of playful absurdity that changes it from a representation of love (or, more accurately, lust) to something of a Broadway choreographer’s interpretation of a fight. Like a ‘West Side Story’ rumble, but with Eva Green moaning and bent over a table with maps and war figurines. A rise of an empire, indeed.

Credit to jsbp2 for the below review.

Just got out of 300: Rise of the Empire. Eva Green has a FANTASTIC nude scene aboard her ship. Two or three full on topless shots. Also the movie was really good and bloody. Couple unknowns as well. Nothing from Lena Headey sadly.

I had previously read reports of Eva Green nudity in 300: Rise of An Empire, but this review in's comment section is the first one with details.

"Have seen an early cut of 300: Rise Of An Empire, and there is an impressive – and angry – sex scene for Eva Green, with lots
of her quite fantastic boobs.

However, despite her nudity in the first film, Lena Headey stays clothed this time."

"The Eva Green sex scene in 300: Rise of an Empire is five minutes long, after a stand-off/argument between her character and Sullivan Stapleton’s. The anger between them turns into sex. It looks like she is going to dodge nudity, as for the first half of the sex scene, she keeps her top on. However, it gets ripped off and her glorious boobs are unleashed. No butt, if I remember correctly. Possibly his, unfortunately. No full-frontal either."

300: Rise of An Empire premieres in theaters on March 7, 2014.

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Movies premiering in theaters or VOD this week in the US this week containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Movie: Nymphomaniac: Volume I
Theatrical Release Date: March 21 (Currently Available on VOD)
Screens: 24
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Stacy Martin (Full Frontal and Ass, Visible Labia), Sophie Kennedy Clark (Brief Breasts)
Link to Clip featuring nudity from Stacy Martin
NOTE: has posted a review of the nude scenes in Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac: Volume I. To paraphrase, Stacy Martin shows everything (including one scene with a brief view of labia). Any explicit penetration scenes are done by a double. Sophie Kennedy Clark (Philomena) briefly also shows breasts in Chapter 1 as she is changing clothes. There is no nudity from Charlotte Gainsbourg in Volume I.

Movie: Just A Sigh (AKA Le temps de l'aventure)
Theatrical Release Date: March 21
Screens: 2
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Aurélia Petit (Brief Left Breast Underwater in Bathtub) Emmanuelle Devos (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Emmanuelle Devos gives us some quick flashes of her funbags while banging her dude. With the sexy Aurélia Petit lending some left tit while taking a bath, these two gals are sure to turn your sigh into a moan."

Movie: Cheap Thrills
Theatrical Release Date: March 21 (Currently Available on VOD)
Actress Confirmed Nude: Amanda Fuller (Brief Left Breast)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "but Amanda Fuller takes the prize for exposing her left lobber in bed with her hubby."

Movie: Stay --
Theatrical Release Date: March 21 (Available On Demand)
DVD Release Date: May 20
Actress Confirmed Nude: Taylor Schilling (Brief Left Aureola; In Bathtub)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: " And you’ll have the same kind of moment when you catch a quick glimpse of Taylor Schilling’s left nip while she soaks in a bath. With nips like that, who’d ever leave her!"

Movie: NSFW: Not Safe For Work
VOD Premiere Date: March 24
Actress Confirmed Nude: Audrey Kovar (Full Frontal and Ass)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Audrey Kovar sits on a window sill taking photos of herself in a white gown. As she maneuvers her legs we can see her panties. Soon she will take the gown off and strip to her bra and panties. Another minute later the bra will come off showing breasts. During the credits we will get a full frontal breasts and bush look at her on the side."

Television episodes or movies premiering this weekend containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Television Series: Shameless (Season 4, Episode 10)
Premiere Date: March 16, 9:00 PM (Showtime)
Actress Confirmed Nude: None
NOTE: According to Showtime, there is nudity in this episode.

Movies premiering on DVD in the US this week containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Television Series: Californication: The Sixth Season -
DVD Release Date: March 25
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Maggie Grace (Brief Right Breast Downshirt-Episode 2; Ass-Episode 3, 8); Alissa Dean (Breasts-Episode 4) ;Allison Mcatee (Breasts and Ass-Episode 4); Meghan Falcone (Breasts-Episode 5); Stacey Scowley (Breasts-Episode 7)
NOTE: Episode 2: Maggie Grace was braless walking into wearing a transparent nightshirt and breasts were somewhat visible. As she is bending over to get on top of Hank,her bare right breast is briefly shown in full in what may have been accidental exposure." Episode 3: Maggie Grace shows her butt for a couple of seconds before jumping naked into a swimming pool. It is possible that a double was used solely for the actual jumping in. In addition to the Maggie Grace nude scene, there were also some extras showing breasts and thong while passed out on the floor. Episode 4: On Californication (Season 6, Episode 4), Allison McAtee shows breasts and brief ass during a sex scene. Alissa Dean also shows breasts in another scene. Episode 5: On Californication (Season 6, Episode 5), Meghan Falcone shows breasts while by a swimming pool. Both breasts are first shown as she is greeting Hank and Charlie at the pool entrance. She is then briefly seen topless walking by the pool. Most of the scene, she is in a lounge chair. Episode 7: n Californication (Season 6, Episode 7), Stacey Scowley is topless while her character is in a bathroom with Charlie giving a blowjob. Episode 8: On Californication (Season 6, Episode 8), Maggie Grace shows her butt a couple of times lying on her stomach while in bed with Hank.

Movie: Camille Claudel 1915 --
DVD Release Date: March 25
Actress Confirmed Nude: Juliette Binoche (Brief Full Frontal Getting Into Bathtub)

Movie: Crave --
DVD Release Date: March 25
DVD Order Link
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Emma Lung (Breasts and Brief Ass) Helena Kash (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Emma's lovely lungs are enough to keep anyone sane, and with incredible looks at her love muffins at the 27-, 28-, 48- and 50-minute marks (as well as bonus boobs from Helena Kash 37 minutes in),"

Movie: Girl on a Bicycle
DVD Release Date: March 25
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Nora Tschirner (Brief Left Breast;Sex Scene), Louise Monot (Breasts and Ass;In Tub During Modeling Shoot)

Movie: La grande bellezza (AKA The Great Beauty) --
DVD/Bluray Release Date: March 25
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Sabrina Ferilli (Ass and Brief Right Breast) Giulia Di Quilio (Breasts) Anna Luisa Capasa (Brief Breasts) Galatea Ranzi (Breasts and Ass) Anita Kravos (Breasts, Ass, and Bush)
NOTES: 2014 Academy Award Winner for Best Foreign Film. From Mr. Skin: "Anita Kravos ups the ante by showing all three B’s in an artsy dance scene; Anna Luisa Capasa teases with the tops of her teats; Galatea Ranzi shows some sweet T&A while going for a late night dip; Giulia Di Quilio gives a brief look at her boobs; and Sabrina Ferilli flaunts her massive mams and tight tush."

Movie: Junk
DVD Release Date: March 25
DVD Order Link
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Christina DeRosa, Erin Gavin (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Christina DeRosa bares her boppers a little after the one hour mark, and Erin Gavin looks spectacularly jiggly in some red panties!"

Movie: Loves Her Gun --
DVD Release Date: March 25
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Trieste Kelly Dunn (Brief Left Aureola) Josephine Decker (Full Frontal) Jennymarie Jemison (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "At a late-night pool party when Allie witnesses a topless Jennymarie Jemison unloading a revolver into the nighttime air, she begins her transformation from aimless waif to a gun-toting vigilante. Between all the guns and ammo, Josephine Decker contributes her bare boobs while Trieste Kelly Dunn gives a quick glance of her left nip while inspecting her body in the mirror."

Movie: Machine Head
DVD Release Date: March 25
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Markie Collins, Nicole Zeoli (Breasts)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Right side boob on Markie Collins in front of a mirror then breasts in the shower." "Nicole Zeoli takes off bikini top showing breasts before jumping in the pool."

Movie: Stalled
DVD Release Date: March 25
Actress Confirmed Nude: Sarah Biggins (Brief Right Breast)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Sarah Biggins & Victoria Broom begin making out. Sarah Biggins unzipped down to a bra. Tops do come off but looks like we only see some brief right breast on Sarah Biggins just before she covers up."

Movie: Welcome to the Jungle
DVD/Bluray Release Date: March 25
Actress Confirmed Nude: Unidentified (Breasts)
NOTE: From IMDB Parents Guide: "Three women are seen changing their dresses. We see bare breasts of one of them and another woman touching the breasts " The topless woman is referred to as "Tracy" in the film, but is not listed in the ending credits. Part of this scene can be seen at the 37-second mark during the red-band trailer here.

Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street --
DVD/Bluray Release Date: March 25
DVD Order Link
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Margot Robbie (Breasts, Brief Full Frontal and Ass in Thong) Katarina Cas (Full Frontal and Brief Ass); Krista Ashworth (Breasts); Natalie Benzel (Ass); Unidentified Actresses (Full Frontal and Ass)
NOTE: Details on the nude scenes can be found here.

Movie: Zombie Dawn
DVD Release Date: March 25
Actress Confirmed Nude: None
NOTE: Rated R For bloody horror violence, a rape, brief nudity and pervasive language.

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Unfortunately, the actual nudity by Sophie Lowe is not as good as the below rep. The film became available on VOD in Norway, and here is a review from Nex with the disappointing news.

*spoilers ahead*

I skimmed through "Autumn Blood" at a Norwegian VOD, and while Sophie Lowe was indeed naked a couple of times, I did not see any full frontal. Also there was no clear looks at her boobs, just from the side, from a distance or partly blocked, and some of the camera angles were at times pretty damn annoying as they filmed just from above her boobs and up. The first scene she first takes a bath naked filmed from above. The VOD quality did not show any clear goods here, moments after she is sunbathing on the rocks and you see her naked from medium distance but her nearest leg is blocking her lower parts. The scene evolves to a rape scene where nothing but her crying eyes are showed. Near the end of the movie, she hides naked in a cave and you briefly see her breasts, and as she gets out of the cave you see her breasts from the side and a good look at her ass, and *MAYBE* a very very brief look at the top of her bush. At the end of the movie she is naked outside from a long distance so you don't see anything and someones comes and covers her up. Might cap this later tonight, but expect screen recorder from a so so VOD stream.

I have seen a clip and can confirm that this review is correct.

UPDATE: Amazon did have Autumn Blood listed to be released on January 28, but it is currently listed as currently unavailable. My guess is that the distributors originally planned to release it on the 28th, but a some point changed their mind and did not notify Amazon.
Here is a review I received by email regarding nude scenes by Sophie Lowe (Once Upon A Time in Wonderland) in the thriller Autumn Blood. I should let you know that this is a secondhand information, but I had previously known that Lowe had a nude scene, but it does match with information from other reviews I have read. There are definite SPOILERS in the below review and I also edited some of the grammar to make it easier to read.

"Just a tip - you should add the movie Autumn Blood to your DVD arrivals post as it is out January 28(though this is reported only on a few sites, you know the field much better and can find further info on whether it will actually be available at that time.) Sophie Lowe has one nude scene where she bathes in a lagoon(ass and breasts),a rape scene and a at-times full frontal nude scene during the last 20 minutes where she runs through nature for her life. This is a report I got from someone who has seen the movie at Stockholm Film Fest. Regards!"

I have confirmed that the film is available at Amazon as a Region 1 DVD on January 28.

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Movies Rated R for Nudity:

Joy Ride 3
Rated R For bloody sadistic violence, some strong sexuality/nudity and drug use.
Actress Confirmed Nude: None
Other Actresses in Film: Kirsten Prout, Leela Savasta

Third Person
Rated R For language and some sexuality/nudity.
Actress Confirmed Nude: Olivia Wilde
NOTE: Olivia Wilde has a nude scene in Third Person: "Olivia Wilde also has an anthology-worthy streaking scene after she seductively strips naked outside Michael’s door, which he closes in her face. Her dash through the posh hotel corridors starkers, and her unexpected delight in his cruel joke, are the film’s funniest moment and define her character perfectly." From this interview with Wilde, though, there may not be a whole lot visible. "You know, the funny thing is, I'm nude in this film, but you don't see all the goods and it's a silly scene," Wilde revealed. "It's not even a sexy scene."

Movies Rated R for Sexual Content:

The Angriest Man In Brooklyn
Rated R For language throughout and some sexual content.
Theatrical Release Date: May 23
Actress Confirmed Nude: None
Other Actresses in Film: Mila Kunis, Sutton Foster

Rated R For language throughout, some violence, sexual content and drug use.
Actress Confirmed Nude: None
Other Actresses in Film: Dora Madison Burge, Denise Williamson

Once Upon A Time In Vietnam (AKA Lua Phat)
Rated R For some violence and sexuality.
Actress Confirmed Nude: None
Bold Title - Online
- (720)
-- (1080/Bluray)

Upcoming Nudity-Cinema:

March 14:
-Elle s'en Va (AKA On My Way) (Hafsia Herzi-Brief Breasts)
May 23:
-The Dance of Reality (AKA La danza de la realidad) (Pamela Flores-Full Frontal and Ass)
-Tracks (Mia Wasikowska-Brief Ass)

Upcoming Nudity-DVD:

February 25:
-Ice Soldiers (Daina Barbeau, Megan Dawson-Breasts, Strippers)
March 25:
-Junk (Christina DeRosa, Erin Gavin-Breasts)
-The Wolf of Wall Street (Margot Robbie-Breasts, Brief Full Frontal and Ass in Thong; Katarina Cas-Full Frontal and Brief Ass;Krista Ashworth-Breasts; Natalie Bensel-Ass; Unidentified Actresses-Full Frontal and Ass) --
April 8:
-Bastards (AKA Les Salauds) (Lola Creton-Full Frontal and Ass, Unpleasant Scene; Chiara Mastroianni-Breasts and Brief Bush; Alice Houri-Breasts; Unidentified Actress-Breasts) -
-Holy Ghost People (Emma Greenwell-Brief Left Breast) --
April 29:
-The Best Offer (AKA La migliore offerta)(Sylvia Hoeks-Breasts and Ass;Brief Bush Visible in Mirror) --
May 13:
-Orange Is The New Black (Season 1) (Taylor Schilling-Breasts-Episode 1;Brief Breasts-Episode 13, Laura Prepon-Brief Breasts-Episode 1, Taryn Manning-Right Breast,Episode 12, Yael Stone-Brief Ass-Episode 5) --
May 20:
-About Last Night (Joy Bryant-Brief Breasts)
-In Secret (AKA Thérèse) (Elizabeth Olsen-Brief Right Breast)
-The Right Kind of Wrong (Sara Canning-Brief Ass and Partial Breasts, Outdoor Sex Scene, Possible Body Double); Louise Robinson-Breasts and Ass, Receiving Cunnilingus) --
June 17:
-Almost Human (Susan T. Travers -Brief Breasts) -

Upcoming Nudity: No Release Date:

-Animals (Kim Shaw-Ass and Brief Right Breast)
-Faults (Mary Elizabeth Winstead-Partial Ass)
-Fort Tilden (Bridey Elliott, Hallie Haas, Clare McNulty, Christine Spang-Breasts, Sunbathing on Beach)
-She's Lost Control (Brooke Bloom-Breasts)
-The Heart Machine (Kate Lyn Sheil-Breasts, Sex Scene)
-Honeymoon (Rose Leslie-Ass and Brief Breasts)
-The Mend (Lucy Owen-Ass and Brief Breasts)
-Open Windows (Sasha Grey-Breasts)
-The Rocket (Alice Keohavong-Breasts and Ass;Childbirth Scene, Unpleasant Scene) --
-Starry Eyes (Alex Essoe-Breasts)

Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (A to M):

-10,000 Km (Natalia Tena-Ass and Brief Left Breast and Bush)
-El Desierto (AKA The Desert) (Victoria Almeida-Breasts and Bush)
-House With A Good View (Ha Na-kyeong-Breasts and Brief Ass) -
-Iron Wolf (Carolina Rath-Left Breast)

Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (N to Z):

-Nebesnye zheny lugovykh mari (AKA Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari) (Olga Gilova-Full Frontal and Ass,Anna Grachova-Breasts,Ass and Brief Bush;Olga Dobrina-Ass;Aleksandra Masko-Full Frontal and Ass, Visible Labia;Yana Troyanova-Breasts and Brief Ass;Unidentified Actresses-Full Frontal and Ass)
-Todas Las Mujeres (Marta Larralde-Breasts and Ass)
-The Turning (Kate Mulvany-Brief Left Nipple)
-Vuonna 85 (AKA The Year of 85) (Malla Malmivaara-Ass)

Short Films:

-Lust (Sandra Rosado-Breasts and Ass, Lesbian Scene)


-Badehotellet (Season 1, Episode 5) (Anne Louise Hassing, Anette Støvelbæk, Cecilie Stenspil-Ass) -
-Banshee (Season 2, Episode 10) (Ivana Milicevic-Breasts) -
-Black Sails (Season 1, Episode 8) (Jessica Parker Kennedy-Full Frontal and Ass from Distance; Unidentified Actresses-Breasts) --
-Die Frau hinter der Wand (AKA Whispers Behind the Wall) (TV Movie) (Katharina Heyer-Breasts, Sex Scene)
-Girls (Season 3, Episode 11) (Lena Dunham-Breasts) -
-Jedes Jahr Im Juni(TV Movie)(Katharina Wackernagel-Breasts) -
-Shameless (Season 4, Episode 10) (Emmy Rossum-Brief Breasts and Ass;Nichole Bloom-Breasts) -
-Tatort: Fruehstueck Fuer Immer (Oana Solomon-Breasts, Playing Corpse)

This is a blog that will detail upcoming female nude scenes in theaters, on DVD, and on television. NOTE:Descriptions of nudity and links to picture and video content will be included. If that offends you,please use the back button.


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