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At the 3:38 mark in the below teaser trailer from Immaculate Conception, Oona Chaplin's left breast is briefly visible during a sex scene. The scene is very dark, but some brightening reveals that it is there. There is also a brief butt shot a few seconds, but there is no way to know that it is her.

More information (and a longer trailer) can be found here. According to the uploader the trailers were put together to create interest for the script.

Teaser Trailer - "Immaculate Conception", Short Version from Simon Ross on Vimeo.

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For the second week in a row, Brigette Davidovici has a nude scene in an episode of Californication. In the next episode, she is shown having sex with Hank's son in a pool. (with nothing really visible). After being caught, she does briefly show her left breast and butt while getting out of the pool and wrapping herself in a towel.

Californication airs this Sunday at 9:30 PM on Showtime.

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In next week's episode of Penny Dreadful (available now on Showtime On-Demand), Billie Piper (Doctor Who) shows breasts during a sex scene. Her dress is first stripped off, revealing some brief close-up breast shot. But in the only breast shot during the sex scene, her face is covered, leaving me to wonder if there was a double used.

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On the next episode of Game of Thrones, Myranda (Charlotte Hope) has a sex scene with Ramsay Snow and there are a bunch of naked women at a bath house. On the episode after that, Melisandre (Carice van Houten) is naked in and out of the bath.

Game of Thrones airs tonight at 9:00 PM on HBO.

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UPDATE: This film has been retitled as "Fractured" and clips are now available. Ashlynn Yennie shows breasts in a sex scene and then some brief ass as she lies back down on the bed. There is another shot of her butt, as she is kissing Callum Blue. The full-frontal is after she gets out of bed and is shot from medium-distance. Due to the lighting, there is not much clearly visible below the waist. There is a little bit more frontal nudity as she gets back on top of him. Lily Filson shows full-frontal in one scene. Nicole LaLiberte shows her right breast in a scene as she sticks her hands down a guy's pants.

Fractured comes out on Region 1 DVD June 10.

According to a couple of reviews, Ashlyn Yennie (The Human Centipede films) does full nudity in the upcoming thriller, Schism.

From Raymond on Film:

The first big scene in “Schism” may be the trashiest movie sex I’ve seen in a while. Both actors are fully nude (at least Sam and Lily aren’t alone!), grinding on top of each other. Though there’s plenty of moaning and movement, honestly, director Adam Gierasch should have pushed this a bit more. Peter Coyote, a well-regarded actor indeed, once licked his costar from navel through nipples – he was a method actor, you know. However in the next scene, Ashlynn Yennie stands fully nude while practically delivering a monologue. I really felt for her; she handled an impossible task with a lot of grace and in character.

According to the above article, there is also nudity from Lily Filson and Samantha Huffman.

From Clatto Verata:

"Fortunately, writer/director Adam Gierasch’s idea of a good girl is someone who goes completely nude during sex. Gierasch and Yennie both explained how the full frontal nudity was necessary because they wanted an honest portrayal of people fucking."

Below is a link to the NSFW trailer for the film featuring some brief topless nudity from Yennie at 00:11 and Nicole LaLiberte at 2:07 with Lily Filson full-frontal at 01:49.

Yennie also has nude scenes in the upcoming film The Scribbler.

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Nastassja Kinski's daughter, Sonja, has a couple of sex scenes in the film Dark Hearts. In the first scene, she shows breasts, while having sex in the front seat of a car. There is a more lengthy scene afterwards in which she again shows breasts during a sex scene in a art studio. In this scene her breasts are painted.

Dark Hearts was released on Region 1 DVD April 29.

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On last night episode of Da Vinci's Demons, Jeany Spark (who plays Ippolita) showed breasts a couple of times during a sex scene. Her butt is then shown as she gets out of bed with a sheet covering her from the front. Brief breasts and some bush is visible as she gets back into bed, but I suspect that a merkin may have been used.