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Elizabeth Rice (Mad Men) bares her breasts in two different scenes in the film Buttwhistle. In the first scene, she briefly shows after taking off her shirt and starts to make out with another man. Annaleigh Tipton is also with them on the bed, but sadly she stays clothed. In the second scene, there are much better views of her breasts (including a nice close-up as she gets into a bathtub with him, Tipton is also "naked" during the scene, but does not reveal anything. Buttwhistle opened in limited release on April 25 and is currently available on VOD. It will be available on DVD May 27.

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In next week's episode of Californication (already available on Showtime On-demand),Brigette Davidovici shows breasts and ass as she undresses before Hank and another man. This episode of Californication airs this Sunday at 9 PM on Showtime.

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On last night's episode of Da Vinci's Demons, Lara Pulver (who plays Clarice Orsini) showed breasts during a sex scene in which her character is lying on her back while being eaten out by Carlo Medici. The nudity only lasts about 3 seconds, but is very well-lit.

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On last night's episode of Da Vinci's Demons, Carolina Guerra shows breasts and and then some full-frontal (probably wearing a merkin) and ass before her character proceeds to have sex with Leonardo. There are a couple more breast views and a butt shot during the sex scene.

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Movies premiering in theaters or VOD this week in the US this week containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Movie: Jeune & Jolie (AKA Young and Beautiful) --
Theatrical Release Date: April 25 (Also Premiering on VOD)
Screens: 1
Actress Confirmed Nude: Marine Vacth (Breasts and Brief Full Frontal and Ass)
NOTE: From Nolo at Celebtop: "I've seen Jeune et Jolie(young and beautiful) tonight.first, but I knew it before she is beautiful. then she shows breasts every 5 minutes in the movie. few full nude from side in shower or in bed.only one full frontal and two parts full back are during the heart attack of one of her client(prostitute) but she's running and few seconds.the movie is not bad and I dislike ozon usually (except his ability to get actresses naked for first time)

Movie: Les Beaux Jours (AKA Bright Days Ahead) --
Theatrical Release Date: April 25 (Available on VOD)
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Olivia Cote (Breasts, Skinnydipping in Ocean) Unidentified Actresses (Full Frontal and Ass)

Movie: Wakolda (AKA The German Doctor)
Theatrical Release Date: April 25
Actress Confirmed Nude: Natalia Oreiro (Breasts)
NOTE: According to a reviewer, Natalia Oreiro shows one breast for about 5 seconds in this film.

Television episodes or movies premiering this weekend containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Television Series: Game of Thrones (Season 4, Episode 4)
Premiere Date: April 27 9:00 PM (HBO)
Actress Confirmed Nude: None
NOTE: According to HBO, there is nudity in this episode.

Television Series: Californication (Season 7, Episode 3) -
Premiere Date: April 27 9:30 PM (HBO)
Actress Confirmed Nude: Nishi Munshi (Left Breast)
NOTE: In the episode, Nishi Munshi pulls down part of her top to expose her left breast. It is incredibly obvious that she has implants.

Movies premiering on DVD in the US this week containing either confirmed or the possibility of female nudity:

Movie: Art Machine
DVD Release Date: April 29
Actress Confirmed Nude: Nicki Miller (Full Frontal)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "(0:14) Nicki Miller strips down to give us a full frontal look at breasts and bush.

Movie: Bad Country
DVD/Bluray Release Date: April 29
Actress Confirmed Nude: None
Other Actresses in Film: Amy Smart, Gayle James
NOTE: From Ontario Film Review Board: "Partial or full nudity in a brief sexual situation"

Movie: The Best Offer (AKA La migliore offerta)
DVD Release Date: April 29
Actress Confirmed Nude: Sylvia Hoeks (Breasts and Ass;Brief Bush Visible in Mirror)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Sylvia is indeed practically perfect, and the best view Mr. Skin can offer comes at the 1 hour, 37-minute mark, where she exposes her breasts, bush and backside in the bathtub."

Movie: Dead Shadows
DVD/Bluray Release Date: April 29
Actress Confirmed Nude: Unidentified Actress (Breasts)
NOTE: A trailer containing nudity can be found here.

Movie: Escape from Tomorrow
DVD Release Date: April 29
Actress Confirmed Nude: Zan Naar (Breasts and Ass in Thong)
NOTE: From IMDB Parents Guide: "A man goes on the ride soarin' and a naked woman is shown on the screen talking to the man." "In the Siemens laboratory, there are posters of naked women."

Movie: Gloria
DVD Release Date: April 29
Actress Confirmed Nude: Paulina Garcia (Full Frontal and Ass; Older Actress)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Gloria (2013) is an emotional journey that eventually leads the viewer to catching some satisfying looks at Paulina García’s breasts, butt and beave."

Movie: Les reines du ring (AKA Wrestling Queens)
DVD Release Date: April 29
Actresses Confirmed Nude: Audrey Fleurot (Ass, Wearing Hospital Gown) Corinne Masiero (Breasts, Showering)
NOTE: From Mr. Skin: "Cute little buns from Audrey as she storms out of the hospital." "Corinne gives us a brief look at her shower-fresh boobies."

Movie: The Rocket --
DVD Release Date: April 29
Actress Confirmed Nude: Alice Keohavong (Breasts and Ass;Childbirth Scene,Unpleasant Scene)
NOTES: From Rocket to The Movies: "The opening scene is distressing viewing, as we watch a naked mother (Alice Keohavong) give birth to twins, one of which is stillborn."

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Movies Rated R for Sexual Content:

Teen Lust
Rated R For crude sexual content and language throughout - all involving teens.
Actress Confirmed Nude: None
Other Actresses in Film: Kristin Bauer van Straten, Amy Groening, Annie Clark
Bold Title - Online
- (720)
-- (1080/Bluray)

Upcoming Nudity-Cinema:

April 18:
-Kid Cannabis (Merritt Patterson-Ass, Possible Body Double; Karyn Halpin-Breasts, Stripping; Unidentified Actresses-Full Frontal and Ass)

Upcoming Nudity-DVD:

April 22:
-Dark Satanic Magick (Melanie Denholme)
June 24:
-Enemy (Sarah Gadon-Breasts; Sex Scene, Showering, Fake Pregnant; Mélanie Laurent-Breasts and Brief Ass, Sex Scene) -

Upcoming Nudity: No Release Date:

-City Baby (Lauren Blair-Brief Left Breast; October Moore-Brief Breasts; Jillian Leigh-Brief Breasts, Mostly Covered By Hair; Cora Benesh-Breasts and Ass, Sex Scene) -
-Proxy (Kristina Klebe-Breasts, Masturbating; Alexia Rasmussen-Breasts) --

Foreign Films Without An US Release Date (A to M):

-Angélique (Nora Arnezeder-Breasts and Brief Ass) --
-App (Hannah Hoekstra-Brief Ass) --
-Black & White & Sex (Maia Thomas-Full Frontal and Ass; Katherine Hicks-Breasts and Ass) --
-Marina (Evelien Bosmans-Brief Full Frontal) --


-Californication (Season 7, Episode 3) (Nishi Munshi-Left Breast) -
-Game of Thrones (Season 4, Episode 3) (Josephine Gillan-Full Frontal and Ass;Xena Avramidis-Ass and Brief Left Breast) -
-Mafiosa (Season 5, Episode 1 and 2) (Veronique Volta-Ass) --
-Meurtes au Pays Basque (TV Movie) (Anais Cindera-Breasts, Playing Corpse) --
-Salem (Season 1, Episode 1) (Azure Parsons, Janet Montgomery-Brief Ass) -

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UPDATE: HD Clips are now available. Enemy is available on DVD in the US on June 24, but there is no news about a Bluray version as of yet.

A red-band teaser trailer for Enemy has just come out with some very brief flashes of nudity. At the 22-second mark, there is a dimly-lit look at Sarah Gadon's left breast from the side as she is sitting up on a bed. The trailer can be viewed below. Enemy can currently only be seen on DirectTV's VOD service and it due to arrive in theaters on March 14.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ review of Enemy is now out with more information about Sarah Gadon's and Mélanie Laurent's nudity in the film. Gadon shows breasts and partial ass and Laurent shows breasts and ass.

At the beginning of Enemy, Sarah Gadon is sitting naked on a bed briefly. Sarah’s character is pregnant so she’s wearing a prosthetic tummy but she shows her real left breast. About eight minutes later, there are several scenes with Mélanie Laurent having sex in bed. The scenes are short and dark but Mélanie’s breasts are visible in all of them. 74 minutes into the film, Sarah shows her breasts as she is changing. About five minutes later, Mélanie shows her ass and breasts as she is having sex. Mélanie then gets out of bed and we get some better looks at her breasts. Shortly after, Sarah is topless while having sex. The next morning, Sarah is naked while showering. We see Sarah’s breasts and her ass from the side through a translucent shower curtain. There are also several naked extras throughout the film.

Enemy does not as of yet have a US release date.
One of my blog readers saw a screening of the new Denis Villeneuve film "An Enemy" (starring Jake Gyllenhall) and reports that Mélanie Laurent and Sarah Gadon have nude scenes in the film.

Here is the report:

"Caught a test screening of Canadian director Denis Villeneuve's latest film An Enemy tonight in Toronto.

It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a man seeking out his exact look-alike after he spots him in a movie.

It co-stars French actress Mélanie Laurent (Inglourious Basterds) and Canadian actress Sarah Gadon (A Dangerous Method, Cosmopolis). Both show frequent skin throughout the film, mostly breasts and possibly brief butt in numerous sex scenes. Gadon's character is pregnant and wearing a prosthetic, so it's possible her breasts were fake as well though... though they looked real enough."

Afterwards, the blog reader sent me a link with an interview with Sarah Gadon, in which she discusses her nude scene in the film.

"‘Can’t you just take your clothes off for this film?’” The last query is not hypothetical. Gadon went back and forth with Villeneuve about appearing nude in An Enemy: She wasn’t sure it was totally necessary. They eventually compromised on a single shot done only in silhouette. But because her character is pregnant, she had to be fitted with a prosthesis, which was so beautiful and realistic that Gadon went back and insisted it be included in the film. “[Villeneuve] said ‘But we had all these meetings about how there would be no nudity!’ Basically, I won the argument against myself,” she says with a laugh. “But I also think he sort of knew how it was going to end up the whole time.”"

There is no release date as of yet, but being an Canadian film, it would not surprise me if it premieres at TIFF in September.