Nude on Netflix Week of 03/30/16

Narcopolis- Charlie Evans shows breasts and butt.

The Returned- For this one look for the French variant of this series.

Celine Sallette - Season 1 Episode 2 showing breasts. Season 1 Episode 3 showing breasts and butt.

Clotilde Hesme - Season 1 Episode 4 showing breasts.

Jenna Thiam - Season 1 Episodes 3, 6, 7 showing breasts.

Ana Girardot - Season 1 Episode 6 and Season 2 Episode 2 showing breasts.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 03/23/16

All About E- Julia Billington and Mandahla Rose show breasts in a lesbian love scene.

Bonobo- Eleanor Wyld is naked in three scenes ranging from just breasts to full nudity.

Paranormal Whacktivity- Aneliese Roettger shows breasts in a scene alone and again in another with an extra.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 03/16/16

Are You Here?- Alana De La Garza and Laura Ramsey show breasts and backside in their own scenes. Melanie Ratcliff is full frontal and shows backside.

Shelter- Jennifer Connelly shows bush in a harrowing scene. In another scene of note she takes a guards ejaculate on her face.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 03/09/16

Heaven Knows What- Arielle Holmes shows full frontal as she is in a bath tub.

Road Trip: Beer Pong- Michelle Gordon, Kaitlyn Reed, Simone Searcy, Kayla Martin, Amanda Logue, Audrey Manuel, Gia Wright, Nikki Ryann and Alicia Saint Amour are all in various states of nudity in the movie.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 03/02/16

American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile - Alyssa Nicole Pallett, ANgel Lewis, Candace Kroslak, Jaclyn A. Smith, Michelle Cormier and Stephany Sexton all show breasts. Angel Lewis in addition also shows her butt.

Queen of Carthage - Amanda Tito is full frontal nude in a scene.

The Summer of Sangaile - Aiste Dirziute and Julija Steponaityte both show breasts. Aiste also shows her butt in two lesbian scenes between the two. Julija also shows full frontal in one of those scenes.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 02/24/16

Bare- Dianna Agron debut nudity in this flick.She shows breasts a couple of times including a lesbian scene with Paz de la Huerta. Paz also shows breasts and backside.

Love- Emily Sandifer and Jennifer Blakeslee show breasts in the first episode.

The Straits- Emma Lung shows her breasts in two scenes and throw in her rear end in one of them as well.

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Would You Like To See A Forum Integrated Into The Site?

20% (109 votes)
80% (433 votes)
Total votes: 542

Just want to guage interest for a forum being integrated into the site here. If one is put into play the specifics would be ironed out then but would allow for a place to discuss upcoming nudity in media and other similar discussions.

Site Inactivity and Updates Information

What Happened

First I would like to thank all that continue to visit the site. Your loyalty and people reading the site is what keeps us up and active. We would love to do more with reviews and other content things but sometimes restrictions externally placed on us limit what we can do and the time we have to do it. The site hasn't been updated in quite some time, which is never a goal, so I wanted to provide some insight to what has occurred.

For quite a length of time we have been dealing with server issues which caused slow downs and other behind the scenes issues. It took some time to track down and ferret out the problems. At this point they seem to be resolved, though hardware upgrades might be required at some point to future proof the site from these things happening again.

On the heels of that we also had issues with the computers we utilize to actually do the posting of content and updating of the site. So we had to scramble to build a new system which as you may know can come with its own unforeseen headaches. That as well has been cleared as a hurdle.

Where Do We Go From Here 

On the backend side at some point we will figure something out for trying to move to a more robust set up.

The site itself later this year will be undergoing a cosmetic change as we upgrade the software infrastructure that runs the site. We will extensively test the new set up before switching over the live site so you shouldn't see any down time or glitches when that occurs. Though the look and layout will change some. If you have any preferences for color schemes feel free to drop us a line and we will take that into consideration. We want you the readers to be happy with how things look as well. You can always get a hold of us through the Contact Us link at the top of the page. One possible thing we could build into the site would be a forum where discussions on upcoming scenes and other things could be had. We could post a public poll here to guage interest in that. If you have any thoughts on any of this feel free to drop us a line.

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Nude on Netflix Week of 01/06/16

Amorous- Hannah Arterton shows breasts in multiple scenes including one while oral sex is performed on her. Rea Mole is topless is multiple scenes and shows everything in one.

Blunt Force Trauma - Freida Pinto's debut nudity showing breasts.

Nurse Jackie - Betty Gilpin shows breasts and butt in three 2013 episodes. Rachel Nicks shows breasts in a 2014 episode.

Swordfish- Halle Berry's classic nudity debut showing her breasts.

Training Day - Eva Mendes stunning debut nudity where she shows everything.

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Eliza Dushku/Banshee and Melissa Rauch/The Bronze Info

I've seen this question recently and seen rumors floated a bit about each. So I wanted to make a post about what is known with these rumors.

Eliza being nude in Banshee at this time is hope and pure speculation. The only real tidbit is last year she tweeted a reference to shooting a bare butt scene. What that will actually turn out to be we won't know til the scene airs. Aside from that she may have mentioned a lingerie scene as well or tweeted a photo of lingerie in reference to the show.

Melissa Rauch's character does indeed have a nude sex scene in The Bronze. However she is on record stating she used a double for the gymnastic portions of that scene. So until the movie is released wide I wouldn't hold out hope that she shows any nudity herself.

Hopefully on both accounts the current info proves wrong and we get great scenes from these beautiful women.

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